Welcome to My Website

I made this website as a place for me to talk about things pertaining to old (and some new) anime, music, my photography, and some other things that interest me. Updates will most likely be random.

I first started setting up this site a few years ago, but I forgot about it for a while. I since decided to come back and possibly finish what I started. PLEASE LOOK AT THE VINTAGE ANIME AND VARIOUS OTHER STUFF PAGE FOR MORE FREQUENT UPDATES

Trying to Find The Time 1/22/19

Not many people visit my site, but I'm still trying to update as much as possible. Why? I'm not sure, probably just for the fun of it. Anyway, I've had a lot of school work lately, as the first semester is wrapping up. And on top of that, I of course have work. So yeah... Hopefully I'll have more time in the near future, but who knows.

Site Update 1/6/19: Happy Late New Year!!

Hey guys, sorry for not updating much these past two weeks or so. I've been busy during my winter break from school, and haven't really had the chance to work on my site. I did get some pretty cool stuff for Christmas and Late Hanukkah though, maybe I'll post something about that soon. Anyway, for the few that semi-frequently check my site, your patience is appreciated!!! Happy New Year!!

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