What I've Been Listening To

This is where you can see me talk about what I've been listening to lately.

Black One by Sunn O))) 1/6/19


This is a really good metal record. Many people may know Sunn O))) (pronounced as "sun", by the way) as one of the modern staples of the Drone Metal subgenre, but this record is more than just an hour and a half of buzzing and occasional screaming/chanting. It's actually more of a DSBM album than anything, with features from genre forefathers Xasthur, and the controversial Leviathan. These muscians being featured on this album add an icy edge to Sunn O)))'s already dark, droning atmosphere. Defintely worth a listen for fans of Black Metal and Drone Metal, or if you're just looking to get into Sunn O)))'s work.

Faith by The Cure 12/17/18


"Catch me if I fall I'm losing hold...." I first heard Faith a few years ago. I had recieved a vinyl copy for Christmas, and I lisented to it a lot. This album reminds me a lot of winter time, and the freezing wind blowing outside. I still listen to my vinyl copy of this record frequently, and It always reminds me of the darker parts of the year. It's a beautiful record, and one that's often over looked in The Cure's discography. Highlight tracks include: 'The Holy Hour', 'All Cats Are Grey', 'The Funeral Party', and 'Faith'. 'Charolette Sometimes' is a single that was released around the same time as this album, and is worth listening to.